Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sundays are always a really hard dinner day. We start church at 1 pm and get out at 4 (which means we get home around 4:30) and there are two tiny people who didn't nap, didn't really eat much lunch, and are now ravenous and want to EAT RIGHT NOW.

When we first switched to the afternoon block, we experimented for a few weeks with putting things in the oven and programming the oven to switch on. Except it didn't. Oh, it would switch on just fine when we programmed it and sat there watching it, but if we left the house...nada.
We'd come home to room-temperature lasagnas that were likely harboring pathogens by this point.

Four months into afternoon church, I'm starting to run out of crock pot and oven-for-three-hour recipes. So I'm cheating and making things that mostly come out of cans and jars and packets and can be on the table in about twenty minutes (which is how long it takes the girls to run around the house like crazy, be persuaded to change out of their dresses and finally find something else to wear).

Anyway. Now that I've gotten that whole not-cooking-from-scratch thing off my chest...let us proceed. But not before noting that I'm ashamed of my cans-and-packets dinner and I can't believe I'm posting this, but for the sake of truth...oh, and yeah, it's really tasty. Which is why I'm posting it.

Green Curry Chicken with Hot and Sour Soup

1-3 T. green curry paste, depending on how adventurous you are (I use the Thai Kitchen brand)
chicken, diced into bite-size pieces (I used two boneless skinless breasts, about a pound)
1 14-oz can light coconut milk
green peas
1 can bamboo shoots
2 T. oyster sauce (the recipe on the curry paste jar says fish sauce, which I think stinks too much to eat)
1/3 c. chicken stock
Jasmine rice
1 packet Sunbird hot and sour soup mix
1 egg

Start rice--generally I cook 1 c. dry rice with 1.5 c. water on the stove. It needs about 15-20 minutes; then let it sit for about 10 minutes off the heat.

Simmer curry paste and coconut milk together for about five minutes. Add chicken and simmer for another seven minutes, then add bamboo, peas, oyster sauce, and chicken stock.

Using egg, make soup according to package directions.


tricki_nicki said...

That looks amazing Rach! I love Thai food so much - and this looks fab. 10 for presentation, I wish I could taste it!!

lanada said...

don't be ashamed. it looks yummy. plus, thai kitchen has some really good stuff, as boxed food goes. i like their pad thai...partly cuz it's good and partly cuz david can make it without any help. yay!